Welcome to VKDMR.COM

There are a number of amateur DMR networks accessible from Australia. This website concentrates on the VK-DMR network (formerly known as DMR-MARC).

VK-DMR is a traditional, repeater based network – there are currently 60 repeaters from all over Australia connected to the network. We also offer hotspot connections.

There are a similar DMR networks in the UK (Phoenix – see here), the US and Europe.

Brandmeister is the other large, world wide DMR network. It also offers hotspot and repeater connections.

Update – we have moved the network to a new, even faster server.

Please change your hotspots to the new server IP:

You can also do a PiStar update – the new server is in the drop down list:

With the move to the new server, the repeater and hotspot dashboards have changed, to:

New repeater dashboard: http://rpt.vkdmr.com

New hotspot dashboard: http://hot.vkdmr.com