Welcome to VKDMR.COM, the new site for VKDMR.

We would like to extend a particular welcome to Foundation Licencees, who are now able to use digital modes.

There are a number of amateur DMR networks accessible from Australia. This website concentrates on the VK-DMR network (formerly known as DMR-MARC).

VK-DMR is a traditional, repeater based network – there are currently 42 repeaters from all over Australia connected to the network. We also offer hotspot connections.

There are a similar DMR networks in the UK (Phoenix – see here), the US and Europe.

Brandmeister is the other large, world wide DMR network. It also offers hotspot and repeater connections.

New servers have been set up for the VK DMR network. They are:

Repeater dashboard (IPSC2-VKDMR) : http://rpt.vkdmr.com

Hotspot dashboard (IPSC2-VKHOTSPOT) : http://hot.vkdmr.com

The new dashboard also provides the following status information on network use:

Top 10 active callsigns

Top 10 kerchunkers

Click the dashboard “SITE-INFO” tab to see status information.