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Second Adelaide DMR repeater on test

VK3RWW is temporarily active in Adelaide for 2 weeks.

438.150 – 5.4 MHz

TG8 on slot 1 and 3805 on slot 2 are connected to the other Adelaide DMR repeater.

TGs 30-37 active for JOTA 18-20 October

The VK-DMR Network will dedicate Time Slot 1 to JOTA, with the Following Talk Groups available: TG 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36 and 37.

The normal TGs on Time Slot 1 will be turned off for the JOTA weekend of 18-20 October.


Parrots are now available for radio and hotspot users. The parrot will repeat your audio back to you – this allows setting of audio levels.

Both use TG9990

For hotspot users, use TG9990 on TS1

For RF users via a repeater, use TG9990 on TS2

VK3RWV joins the network

Welcome to VK3RWV Warrnambool.

438.4 -7

2M DMR repeaters

At the moment, all of the network repeaters operate on 70cm, with the exception of Darwin.

As we all know, 2m is better suited to rural applications because of improved coverage.

Most of us use mono band 70cm radios, but if there was a 2m DMR repeater available in a rural/regional area that currently had no UHF DMR coverage, people would have the incentive to purchase a VHF radio….

Is your club interested in a 2m DMR repeater? If so, please contact Peter VK3TE.

VK-DMR and Brandmeister TGs now shared

The TG 380x groups on the VKDMR Network are now shared with the 505x Groups on VK Brandmeister network.

AR NSW sponsors VK2 DMR network

A great initiative from AR NSW

VK3RMC freq change

SE Melbourne VK3RMC new frequency and offset 438.7125 -7

Rockhampton joins the network

Welcome to VK4RMA 438.35 -7

VK2ROJ joins the network

VK2ROJ Pt. Stephens has joined the network.

438.825 -7

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