The Australian amateur radio DMR repeater network

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pdf DMR users guide now available

A pdf version of the VKDMR user’s guide is now available for download at:


Welcome VK2RMP Maddens Plains (Wollongong NSW)

Welcome to VK2RMP at Maddens Plains, north Wollongong, NSW.

438.725 -5

Thanks to AR NSW, The Illawarra ARS and Matt VK2FLY.

Pics from the AR NSW DMR site: ARNSW RadNET

Welcome VK4RBX Ipswich

Welcome to VK4RBX, Ipswich – same site as VK4RAI

146.7875 -6

Thanks to VK4AZ

Welcome back VK4RAI Ipswich

VK4RAI has replaced the former Ipswich repeater.

438.8375 -7

Thanks to VK4QF, VK4AZ and the Ipswich ARC.

Welcome VK4RBA Brisbane

Welcome to VK4RBA Brisbane – located at Burbank/Rochedale.

438.725 -7

Thanks to Andrew VK4QF, Glenn VK4PK and the Brisbane ARC.

TG5 now connected to Fusion for broadcasts/nets

Peter VK3TE advises that TG5 is now connected to room 88 or 50588 on the VK-Fusion network.

Welcome VK4RBY Mackay

Welcome to VK4RBY Mackay.

146.650 -0.6

Welcome VK2RNW Mt Kaputar

Welcome to VK2RNW, on Mt. Kaputar – a great site.

438.575 -7

Thanks to VK2FLY, AR NSW and VK2AJ.

Coverage looks excellent.

New Talk Groups

A host of new talk groups have been introduced to allow international connectivity.

See Using DMR – VK DMR

Welcome VK4RAR Rockhampton

VK4RAR Rocky is now at its final home on Mt. Archer.

438.35 -7

Thanks to the Rockhampton club.

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