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Using TG8 from a hotspot

If you look at the Dashboard Web page on the left side of the screen you will see tabs, click on the Matrix Tab.

The page will show the TGs configured for the VK-DMR Network, it will have Repeaters listed if you are on the Repeater IPSC2 Web Page and you will see Hotspots if you are on the Hotspot IPSC2 Web page.

At the top of the page you will see a group with 8/1 to 8/9 listed, these are the TG8s for Hotspots that are connected to the VK-DMR IPSC2 Network

The table below shows the TG to be programmed for each region.

Hotspot TG         Region

10008                    VK7

20008                    VK2 City & Nth

30008                    VK1 & VK2 Goulburn & Yass

40008                    VK3 Region Shepparton

50008                    VK3 Melbourne Region

60008                    VK4 Brisbane and South and North

70008                    VK4 FNQ

80008                    VK5 Region

90008                    VK6 Region

VK2ROJ at new site

John VK2DLP advises:

VK2ROJ 438.825 -7 alive and well relocated to the Gan Gan communications precinct in Nelson Bay NSW.

It has taken awhile to get this relocated but it was well worth the effort. Thanks to all the people who made this possible.

New 2m DMR repeater for VK3

VK3RAG, located on Rennies Hill, near Alexandria.

146.775, with a minus 600 kHz offset.

Thanks to Peter VK3YZP and Peter VK3TE.

New User Activated Talk Group 53

A new UA (User Activated) TG 53 has been activated on Slot 1.

It is intended for direct repeater-repeater chat.

It needs to be keyed (“kerchunked”) up.

Can I work DX on VK-DMR?

Yes, you can.

TG1 (worldwide calling) and TG13 (worldwide English) on slot 1 are often used by DX stations, particularly from the UK and Europe.

Once you have established contact with the DX station on TG1 or 13, QSY to TG113 or 123 on slot 1 – this links only your repeater and the DX station’s repeater, freeing up slot 1 for other stations.

Happy DXing.

VK6 news relay Sunday evening

Clayton VK7ZCR relays the RASA and VK6 Newswest broadcast at 1930 hours Hobart time on Sundays

TG5, slot 1.

TG 1 and 13 now static for DX

Talk Groups 1 (WW calling) and 13 (WW English calling) are now static (always on) on all VKDMR repeaters.

1 and 13 are carried on most UK and US DMR repeaters, so there should be DX traffic when people in those countries are awake.

Don’t forget to QSY to TG113 or 123 once you have established comms with the DX station on 1 or 13.

The plan is to run 1 and 13 static as a trial and review the arrangement in a few months.

RAOTC broadcast

The Radio Amateurs Old Timer’s Club (RAOTC) will run a broadcast on TG5 at 1100 Eastern daylight savings time on the first Monday of the month, commencing on 2nd December 2019.

2020 broadcasts will commence on 3rd February. 

Second Adelaide DMR repeater on test

VK3RWW is temporarily active in Adelaide for 2 weeks.

438.150 – 5.4 MHz

TG8 on slot 1 and 3805 on slot 2 are connected to the other Adelaide DMR repeater.


Parrots are now available for radio and hotspot users. The parrot will repeat your audio back to you – this allows setting of audio levels.

Both use TG9990

For hotspot users, use TG9990 on TS1

For RF users via a repeater, use TG9990 on TS2

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