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Welcome to VK2RAG, Central Coast NSW

Welcome to VK2RAG, Gosford NSW.

Another repeater donated by AR NSW.

Well done to ARNSW, the Central Coast Club and Matt VK2FLY

438.85 -7

Welcome VK2RGL Forster

Welcome to VK2RGL, covering Forster/Myall Lakes in NSW.

The repeater was supplied as part of the AR NSW grant program – many thanks to AR NSW and Matt VK2FLY.

439.775 -5

Welcome VK4RSB, north Cairns

Welcome to VK4RSB, Trinity Beach, north Cairns.

Thanks to Steven and the team from the Cairns ARC.

438.1 -7 MHz

The repeater shares TG8 with VK4RBK Atherton.

Welcome to VK3RSA

VK3RSA at Emerald, Vic (eastern Melb.) has joined the network.

438.8 -7

New server hotspot connection instructions

Peter VK3TE has provided the following connection information for hotspot users.

New repeater and hotspot dashboards

With the move to the new server, the repeater and hotspot dashboards have changed, to:

New repeater dashboard:

New hotspot dashboard:

The repeaters are currently (14/10/2020) split across two servers – the ones that are easy to get to (i.e. at an amateur’s QTH, etc.) have moved to the new server.

The repeaters on mountain tops or similar hard to get to sites are still on the old server – the servers are connected together, so all the repeaters are still connected.

New repeater VK3RAJ

Welcome to VK3RAJ, located at Upwey in Melbourne.

Thanks to VK3AJ.

438.775 -7

New Melbourne repeater VK3RAH

New Melbourne repeater VK3RAH.

438.85 -7

Thanks to Simon McCure VK3AH

VK3RAH coverage plot

Real time DMR user data

Matt, VK2FLY provides real time network stats here:


As part of these stats, his system automatically complies a list of DMR users and their details – ID number and name: here

These are users who actually are on air and using the network – not just those who hold a DMR ID number.

The data is presented as an excel spreadsheet – which can be downloaded into many DMR radios.

DMR IDs and inband caller alias

Every user on the DMR network has a 7 digit ID number. This ID number is sent with every transmission.

Numbers are internationally coordinated, with the first three digits representing the user’s country. VK uses 505, the UK uses 234, etc.

The complete DMR number database is available for download at the radioid.net web site.

If you download all or part of the database into your DMR radio, it will do an automatic lookup on the ID in every received call and, if it finds a match, show the user’s name and callsign on your radio’s display screen:

The shortcoming of this arrangement is that it requires a user to download (or type…) the contact list into their radio. The list changes quite often, so a new list must be downloaded every few weeks or so.

The international DMR standard has a feature called inband caller alias. This allows all radios to transmit a user-defined text string of up to 31 characters with every call – for amateur use, this would obviously be callsign and name.

Wayne Holmes DJ0WH runs are very interesting DMR blog at https://cwh050.blogspot.com/

He explains inband caller alias here:

This feature means that you never have to download (or type…) another contact list again, as everyone’s callsign and name is sent with every transmission – like the D-Star system.

I understand that Motorola, Tait and Hytera support this feature.

However, like some DMR add-ons, it may not be backward compatible and may not be supported by our server infrastructure.

It will be very interesting to see how this feature develops.

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