The Australian amateur radio DMR repeater network

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Welcome VK2RMP Maddens Plains (Wollongong NSW)

Welcome to VK2RMP at Maddens Plains, north Wollongong, NSW.

438.725 -5

Thanks to AR NSW, The Illawarra ARS and Matt VK2FLY.

Pics from the AR NSW DMR site: ARNSW RadNET

Welcome VK4RBX Ipswich

Welcome to VK4RBX, Ipswich – same site as VK4RAI

146.7875 -6

Thanks to VK4AZ

Welcome back VK4RAI Ipswich

VK4RAI has replaced the former Ipswich repeater.

438.8375 -7

Thanks to VK4QF, VK4AZ and the Ipswich ARC.

Welcome VK4RBA Brisbane

Welcome to VK4RBA Brisbane – located at Burbank/Rochedale.

438.725 -7

Thanks to Andrew VK4QF, Glenn VK4PK and the Brisbane ARC.

TG5 now connected to Fusion for broadcasts/nets

Peter VK3TE advises that TG5 is now connected to room 88 or 50588 on the VK-Fusion network.

Welcome VK4RBY Mackay

Welcome to VK4RBY Mackay.

146.650 -0.6

Welcome VK2RNW Mt Kaputar

Welcome to VK2RNW, on Mt. Kaputar – a great site.

438.575 -7

Thanks to VK2FLY, AR NSW and VK2AJ.

Coverage looks excellent.

New Talk Groups

A host of new talk groups have been introduced to allow international connectivity.

See Using DMR – VK DMR

Welcome VK4RAR Rockhampton

VK4RAR Rocky is now at its final home on Mt. Archer.

438.35 -7

Thanks to the Rockhampton club.

Welcome VK2RDX Mt. Bindo

Welcome to VK2RDX at Mt. Bindo in the western Blue Mountains, between Sydney and Lithgow.

Thanks to Paul VK2GX, the St. George ARS, AR NSW and VK2FLY.

438.150 – 7

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