The VK-DMR Network has 50+ repeaters connected to the network. Repeaters are one of the most effective and stable ways to connect to the network.

23/04/2023 New repeater for Dubbo, NSW RadNET – The digital radio network for ARNSW have announced that a new repeater has been installed at Dubbo. Frequency is TX 439.950/RX 434.950. This repeater has a fantastic reach. Thanks to Brett & Paul at the Orana Region Amateur Radio Club.

Note: Please Leave a Break Between Overs

Please leave a break of at least 4 seconds between overs, no matter which talk group you are on and whether on a repeater or hotspot. This will allow other users enough time to disconnect from the talk group or break in to your QSO.

Time Slot 2 – TG505 -> TG505 is meant to be used as a “Call Talk Group” It’s kind of a gentleman’s agreement really.

TG505 keys every VK repeater and connected hotspot. Once you have established contact with another station please QSY off TG505 to a TS1 Talk Group to leave TG505 free for others to call.

You May have a Repeater nearby

To check any repeater details, go to the dashboard below and click on the “Service” tab located on the left side menu. There you will see the repeater call sign, frequency and other details.

The VK DMR dashboard displays “Real Time Activity”.

Click the image below to go to the dashboard.

Or View the Repeater Dashboard Here:

For More Network Information Including Repeaters

Click the image below: Kindly provided by Matt VK2FLY.