There are approximately 50 Talk Groups (TGs) on the VK-DMR network.  This is confusing for new users and makes radio programming a complex business.  Many of the TGs are not used.

There are also a lot of static (always on) TGs on TS2 – 505, and the state/territory based 380x series.  Experience has proven that multiple static TGs do not work well together on the same time slot.

For example, if a state/territory 380x TG is being used, it blocks TG505 on every repeater in that state/territory – this is confusing for users and limits network flexibility.

So, we have decided to simplify network operation using a two-phase process.

Phase one

Phase one will take effect from 9th January 2023.

All TGs will become User Activated (UA), apart from 5 on TS1 and 505 on TS2.

The TG380x TGs on TS2 will no longer be State/Territory specific.

As the 380x TGs will be UA, any 380x TG may be used to link any two or more repeaters together on TS2.  As with all UA channels, the repeaters need to be keyed up (“kerchunked”) on the appropriate 380x TG.

TG505 will not change – it will remain static and will continue as the network calling channel.

The parrot on TG9990, all the TGs on TS1 and the VK-DMR net on TG5 will not change.

Your radio will continue to work as is without reprogramming.

Phase 1 will run for one month.

Phase two

Phase two will take effect from 9th February 2023

Under Phase two, the network will be reconfigured as follows:

Time Slot 1 – all UA
TG Used for
5 Broadcasts
3801-3808 Tactical user channels
9 Local to the repeater only (no change)
Time Slot 2
TG Used for
505 Calling and the Tuesday evening net
9990 Parrot (no change)

All TS1 TGs will be UA. TG505 on TS2 will be the only static TG.

The 3801-8 TGs will move to TS1 and become tactical channels.

Users will call on 505 and then QSY to any of the 3801-3808 TGs on TS1.  Any of these TGs may be used by any station, in any location – they are no longer region specific. 

The Tuesday evening VK-DMR net will move to TG505.

Any other nets will use TG3801-8, with an announcement on 505 prior to the net.

Outside of net times, 505 will be used as a calling channel only.

Broadcasts will continue to use TG5, however they will be UA.  As with all UA channels, if you wish to listen to a broadcast, you must key up your local repeater or hotspot on TG5.  Broadcasts will be preceded by an announcement on 505.

These changes will simplify network operation/radio programming and improve network flexibility.

We will post up new user guides for radio and hotspot programming in January.


The VK-DMR Admin Team