The VK-DMR network uses 50 talk groups.  This can be daunting for a new user.

However, many of these talk groups are rarely active.  You don’t have to program every one into your radio – you can use all talk groups or only one…

A suggested simplified TG arrangement follows – this strikes the balance between simplicity and utility. 

Slot 1 Slot 2
TG9 – your local repeater TG505
TG8 – your regional group TG9990 Parrot
TG5 – nets  
TG3809 and 53 – links individual repeaters  
TG1/13/123 – optional if you want to work DX  

Why no 380x TGs on TS2?

TG8 on slot 1 duplicates the function of the 380x TGs – moreover, the 380x series TGs block 505 for the entire state/territory…we should be using 8 more often.