TG8 on Slot 1 connects repeaters in a group.  This TG is programmed for each repeater and can not be changed by users.

The TG8 groups are as follows:

TG8 Group Repeaters linked
1 – VK7 Launceston, Hobart
2 – Sydney, W and N NSW All Sydney, nth NSW, Orange and Grafton
3 – Southern VK2 and VK1 HighRange, Goulburn, Yass, Bombala and Canberra
4 – N VK3 Bendigo, Shepparton, Mt. Wombat, Rennies Hill
5 – S VK3 Melbourne and southern VK3
6 – VK4 Qld
8 – Central Coast and Hunter valley NSW VK2RAG, VK2RHX, VK2RUM and VK2ROJ

However, you can access another TG8 group out of your area by using TG x0008 where x is the TG8 region number.

For example, if you want to access the VK7 TG8 group, program 10008 as the tx group; for VK4, program 60008.

You must program TG8 as an rx group, otherwise you won’t hear the other stations.

Note that this applies to radios connecting to the network via a repeater.